What’s SDN and what are the benefits?

Imagine there’s a club you’d like to get into because there are a lot of interesting people inside you’d like to connect with. There’s a long line of people waiting to get in and make connections, but you have an advantage: a private entrance that’s much faster and much less trouble to use. So you walk right in, start finding people to talk to and have a great time. Sounds simple, right?

That’s what software-defined networking, or SDN, does for your data center — it gives you the fast track to private connections between your data center and the cloud services your business needs.

SDN works by separating a network’s control plane and its data plane so that the control plane is free to manage and automate network functions and the data plane can do the heavy lifting of running applications or network services, all on a private connection.

When you want to connect your infrastructure to cloud and network providers, there are a lot of reasons you’d want to avoid public internet to do it — it’s not as secure and can be unpredictable. On the other hand, private internet offers much more security and reliability, but also much more administration hassle for your IT team. SDN allows your enterprise to access both public and private clouds via a private connection without having to manage or maintain it yourself.

But private connections aren’t the only benefit of SDN. Others include:

  • Access to providers: Operating with SDN means that you can more easily connect with a wide range of cloud-based service providers you need to improve your infrastructure, including those offering storage, application hosting, or productivity suites.
  • Speed and optimization of network resources – SDN enables networks to handle a variety of cloud services at once from one port without losing speed or security.
  • Scalability and flexibility – By using SDN, you’ll be able to adapt to changing business requirements faster and more quickly adopt new applications that advance your business.
  • Optimization of network resources – SDN gives you more control over how much bandwidth you use, and in turn, more control over cost.

SDN is quickly becoming a data center feature you can’t live without. If you’re looking for a data center that’s ready to roll with SDN, we can help.

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