Security and Data Center Site Selection

Beyond having your data center outside of flood plains, below ground in tornado or hurricane zones, and a safe distance from fault lines, it is essential for the security of your data to make sure the site you select is in as safe a place as possible from human error and nefarious human intentions.

Down Low

It is recommended for Data Centers to be located in an inconspicuous location and at least 100 feet from a major road, and not located near power plants, any chemical production facilities, and not located near airports or in flight path of airports. Windows are also not recommended for a Data Center facility. And if possible 1-foot thick reinforced concrete walls can provide blast protection.

If a high-rise facility is retrofitted to become a data center, equipment should not be in the basement or top floor, and keen attention should be paid to the weight load capacity of the floors in the building.

Twice is Nice

Redundant power and telecom coming into the facility from different locations is recommended. Best practices point to having battery rooms in separate rooms from UPS.

No Unauthorized Personnel

To keep out those with bad intentions, fire exit doors should be exit only.  One manned entrance to the facility should include a secure “man hold” to admit people and record people entering the facility.  Surveillance cameras should cover the entire facility, and independent Data Center suite should be equipped with biometric finger, palm, retinal, iris or facial scans.

Fire Suppression

Drills should be available with local fire departments, where a thorough understanding of the unique data center environment is taken into account.  Building should exceed code on fire suppression.

At Cavern we employ industry gold standard, dual action dry pipe with two triggers for heat and smoke.  VESDA (Very, Early, Smoke, Detection, Apparatus) also provides an extra layer detection. Clients also utilize the FM 200 waterless fire suppression system.

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Cavern is Secure

“We take security very seriously at Cavern,” says facilities Cavern Technologies’ facility manager Scott Herron, CDCP.  “Being 125 feet underground is our greatest protection from environmental and manmade threats.  We also employ industry leading surveillance, biometrics, and fire suppression.  Our dedication to best practices, layers of security and redundancies have been recognized by our clients and are a huge factor in Cavern’s growth.”

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