On the Move Underground


It has been an exciting year here at Cavern Technologies. Not only have we been expanding office space in our underground complex and building out new mission-critical real estate for Kansas City data center clients, we’ve shifted gears as a company too.

Our Team

Over the course of 2016 we’ve recruited top-notch talent to our already robust leadership team to take our service offering to the next level. Earlier this year, we welcomed respected industry executives Mike McDaniel and Annie Noland to new positions. Mike is our VP of Facilities Engineering. Annie is VP of Finance and Administration. We are very excited about these changes and the expertise they bring to the table.  Stay tuned for even more exciting news as we complete our leadership team and head into 2017.

Our Brand

During this growth period, we determined it was time to update and refresh our brand and communications. You may have noticed an update to our logo and our new tagline “Where integrity runs deep.” These changes are reflected in our new website at CavernTechnologies.com, an increased presence on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and in all our communications – including some new tools that will be coming soon. We really like the new look and feel, and hope you do too!

Our Space

We expanded to add another office space in 2015, but have been busy this year breaking ground – underground – in response to the great demand for secure data center property. We recently broken ground on Phase 4B, which includes an additional 40,000 sq. ft. of space. Our offering of customizable, secure, private data suites, along with other unique benefits including our underground location, cooling, security, full-service amenities, and compliance are driving the demand.

What Stays the Same

While Cavern Technologies is growing, we remain focused on what got us to this point: our loyal customers. Our promise to offer the best care in the data center industry is central to all we do and will continue to be the cornerstone as we move forward. We’ve come a long way thanks to long lasting relationships built on our dedication to delivering excellence for ALL our customers. Together, we look ahead to a bright future.

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