Keeping your cool (plus 3 more reasons you need put your data center underground)

Data centers’ explosive growth in 2017 gives companies searching for a secure facility plenty of choices. But the best location for a data center might be one you won’t so easily see — one that’s underground.  Subterranean data centers offer benefits that above-ground facilities just can’t match, and nature’s thermostat is only one of them.

1. Temperature: With changing temperature and weather patterns, protecting your data from extreme heat becomes even more important each year. In an underground facility, you’re sheltered from drastic swings in temperature — and their associated costs. A 2015 study by IDC revealed that power and cooling costs can account for 24 percent of a data center’s budget. Moving underground keeps those costs down.

2. Disaster protection: Whether it’s a natural or deliberate disaster, underground data centers are better protected than those above ground. Limestone caves in the Kansas City area, for instance, can be five times as strong as concrete, offering protection from any disasters on the surface.

3.Security: When you’re underground, you’re already a step ahead when it comes to security. But you want to make sure that every access point — both physical and digital — is covered. When you’re evaluating data center sites, make sure any facility you consider offers multiple layers of defense, like 24/7 security and controlled biometric access.

4. Construction costs: In underground facilities, commonly built in caves left behind by mines or development efforts, construction costs can be minimized because the structures already exist, ready and waiting for your company’s servers and data. You won’t need to spend extra to ensure a building’s walls can survive weather events or ward off heat. In an underground facility, your equipment and your data is safely housed more than 100 feet below all that.

Underground data centers have a lot to offer companies looking to minimize data center costs and protect their infrastructure. If you’re ready to consider these benefits, learn more by taking a tour or getting a virtual one and see them for yourself.


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