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Our Helping Hands team offers professional on-site IT technical support & concierge services.


Circuit Testing and Diagnostics

  • Light readings for fiber optics
  • Signal verification for copper and coaxial
  • Patch cord and media testing

Device Management

  • Plugging in serial cables
  • Verifying device physical status
  • Swapping equipment (hard drives, network cards, etc.)
  • Power cycling servers


  • Cross connect extensions/terminations
  • Labeling services

Media Management

  • Swapping tapes and storage media
  • Swapping of removable media (CDs, DVDs, USB, etc.)

Advanced Circuit Migrations

  • Assist with coordination of circuit migrations for carriers and ISPs


Shipping and Receiving

  • Labeling of boxes and equipment for shipping
  • Inventorying boxes and equipment
  • Receipt of deliveries
  • Delivery unpacking (large server cabinets, etc.)
  • Secure storage accessibility

Physical Labor and On-Site Assistance

  • Remote or visual verification for troubleshooting
  • Discarding of boxes or items

Escorted Access

  • Escorting vendors or consultants during business hours
  • Escorting customer personnel to and from Data Suites during business hours


Data Center Cleaning

  • Professional, specialized cleaning for high-risk areas and sensitive equipment.
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Exterior wipe down of cabinets and accessible work surfaces
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Meet With Us At These Upcoming Events

August 11, Kansas City IT Symposium

Overland Park, KS

A single-day Kansas City-area conference for exec-level attendees with a robust agenda including three keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, an executive strategy session and multiple breakout presentations.

Watch for updates about Cavern’s Happy Hour after the event.

August 16-19, Data Center World

Orlando, FL

Data Center World is a conference for IT c-suite execs, data center facilities & infrastructure pros and IT ops professionals. The event features the most extensive end-user educational program anywhere in the industry, plus the largest exhibit hall in the industry with all of the latest technology and equipment from top hardware and service providers. Keynote topics include: The Future of Embodied Computing; Quantum Computing: Preparing for the Data Center of the Future; and Big Data and Teamwork: What Businesses Can Learn From Sports Analytics.

Be on the lookout for info on Cavern’s Happy Hour during the event.

cavern recycling event

November 12, The Cavern Recycling Event

Lenexa, KS

In support of National Recycling Day, Cavern is giving you an opportunity to drop off your old gear, and pick up lunch!

Friday, November 12

We’re Here To Help​​

Cavern enables end-to-end data center solutions.

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From connectivity and managed network services to IaaS and specialized MSPs, Cavern is proud to be your trusted digital transformation partner.

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Happy Independence Day!
~ From the Cavern Team

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