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Extend your infrastructure by harnessing the cloud.

Our Cavern team can guide you through the development of a hybrid-IT data center where you’ll be able to leverage the increased agility, flexibility and speed to market offered by the cloud. Through our partnership with Megaport, we can help you implement a secure, direct connection to global public and private cloud solutions. This cloud on-ramp technology gives you direct connectivity to multiple leading cloud and network providers and simplifies redundancy between data center environments. It is especially powerful when you harness the cloud to prioritize your enterprise connections for critical business applications.

Advantages you’ll experience: optimized performance of cloud-based applications; superior latency, especially when compared to VPN on public internet; increased predictability for critical workloads; and reduced complexity, time and cost for data migration.

And it’s fast to implement. You don’t have to wait for a network connection or cross connects — your Megaport connection is provisioned in less than a minute.

The terms are very flexible, and you can increase and decrease bandwidth based on business demands. For many enterprises, this means you can reduce your operating costs while designing the ideal hybrid-IT solution to position your business for current and future success.

Curious about how the cloud can propel your business? Contact us for a private consultation. We’re here to help.

A special thank you!

This Labor Day, we want to extend a special thank you to all of those on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle in education, food service, sanitation, emergency services, healthcare, information technology and other critical industries.

Thank you for your service.

Our latest COVID-19 updates

Kansas City Missouri Mayor Quinton Lucas has extended the State of Emergency for Kansas City until January 16, 2021 as the city continues to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We closely monitor COVID-19 guidance from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Johnson County. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for your team and our own.
Our facility COVID-19-related safety precautions and protocols are available 24/7 on our website: caverntechnologies.com/coronavirus-response.

Around the underground

Meet VESDA® (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)

VESDA® works constantly to intelligently protect our team, clients and the technology we work to maintain so diligently here at Cavern. VESDA® actively draws air from inside protected areas through a network of pipes to monitor internal air quality. It can detect smoldering fires that produce very low smoke output as well as smoke that has been diluted by high airflows. VESDA® detects smoke much more quickly than a traditional passive smoke detection system providing reliable early detection for secure and restricted areas, including your data center.

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Connect with the Cavern Blog​

Eliminate data center outages due to human error

In our blog series exploring the top three reasons for data center downtime, you may have noticed a humbling thread underlying many of the top culprits: most boil down to simple human error. Here are simple steps to minimize it in your own data center.

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We’re Here To Help​​

Schedule a private consultation.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted your business. From shifting bandwidth demands to guaranteeing uptime, your data center has perhaps never been so visible or critical to your company’s continued operations. If you’re considering changes to your IT infrastructure, take advantage of Cavern’s knowledge and breadth of experience.

Reach out and we’ll set up a private consultation to discuss your data center objectives and options.

Have a happy Labor Day!

   ~ From The Cavern Team ~

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