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Hybrid-IT data center connectivity

Cavern can help you develop your own hybrid-IT data center utilizing a cloud on-ramp to leverage the increased agility, flexibility and speed to market offered by the cloud. We offer multiple cloud connectivity options for your business.

Our partnership with Megaport

Through our cloud connectivity solution powered by Megaport, we can quickly implement a secure, direct connection to a vast ecosystem of the top managed and network service providers across the globe, plus public and private cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, SalesForce and Microsoft Azure. Cavern is also an AWS partner.

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How does Megaport’s cloud on-ramp work?

Our connectivity partner Megaport utilizes software-defined networking (SDN), an optimized way for networks to handle a lot of services at the same time. Your enterprise can connect to cloud services — easily, quickly and securely — right from your data center at Cavern.

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Megaport cloud on-ramp uses

Using Cavern’s cloud connectivity solution, you can help your enterprise:

  • Prioritize your enterprise connections for critical business applications
  • Develop consistent security across connections
  • Create seamless multi-region networks
  • Support national and global branch offices by bypassing unpredictable local internet connections
  • Easily add connectivity in new markets
  • Create redundancy between data center environments
  • Test cloud environments
  • Move data between multiple cloud providers
  • Upgrade the digital experience for customer-facing systems and apps
  • Accelerate disaster-recovery processes

Advantages of Cavern’s cloud connectivity solution

  • Provisioning in less than a minute
  • Optimized performance of cloud-based applications
  • Superior latency, especially when compared to VPN on the public internet
  • Increased predictability for critical workloads
  • A private connection that keeps your data safe whether you’re connecting to another city, region or country
  • Access many different services all from one port
  • Flexibility to adopt new applications and services quickly
  • Control of your own workflow with Megaport’s API
  • Reduced complexity, time and cost for data migration

Bottom-line enterprise benefits of our Megaport partnership

  • Flexible terms
  • No long-term contracts
  • Scalability based on your business demand
  • Direct control of the amount of bandwidth your enterprise uses – and the cost along with it
  • Fast implementation with no waiting for network connection or cross-connects
  • No cross-connect fees

Carrier-enabled cloud connectivity

As a carrier-neutral data center interconnection point, Cavern’s facility provides you access to traditional carriers that offer secure connectivity to major cloud service providers.
at&t business cloud connectivity


AT&T NetBond® provides connectivity to 20 cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Blue Jeans, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Oracle Cloud, SalesForce and more.

consolidated communications cloud connectivity

Consolidated® Communications

Consolidated offers Cloud Compute infrastructure as a service to provide dedicated, secure resources on demand.

Cox Business

Cox offers Cox Business CloudPort, a 100% fiber-based private Ethernet network with connectivity to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


KsFiberNet provides dedicated connectivity to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

lumen cloud connectivity


Lumen Private Cloud on VMware® Cloud Foundation provides connectivity to providers like AWS, Azure Cloud and other public cloud services.


Spectrum Cloud Connect provides fiber-based, private cloud connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Unite Private Network

Unite Private Networks offers UPN Cloud Connect®, a Megaport Connected service.

Wondering how to get started on a hybrid-IT data center? Contact us for a personalized consultation or schedule a tour to find out more.

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