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Cloud On-Ramp Solutions

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an optimized way for networks to handle a lot of services at the same time. What that means for your enterprise is that you can connect to a variety of cloud services — easily, quickly and securely — right from your data center at Cavern.

Thanks to our partnership with Megaport, our customers get a secure, direct connection to a vast ecosystem of the top managed and network service providers — all at lightning-fast speeds.

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Cavern’s Connectivity Solution powered by Megaport can enable cloud connectivity through other carriers in our facility, such as Cox and Unite. And Cavern is an AWS partner.

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Why SDN?

  • Speed: With SDN, your enterprise will have a private connection that allows you to access many different services all from one port and provision connections in 59 seconds or less.
  • Flexibility: You’ll be able to better respond to the changing needs of your enterprise and industry by adopting new applications and services more quickly.
  • Scalability: SDN lets you control the amount of bandwidth your enterprise uses for these global services — and your costs right along with it.
  • Security: Our private connection keeps your data safe whether you’re connecting to another city, another region or another country.
  • Autonomy: When it comes to connectivity, you’re in the driver’s seat because you can use Megaport’s API to direct your own workflow.

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