Cavern Technologies - Kansas City Data Center - Location

data center location

Your data center location means everything.

Cavern Technologies is taking data security to another level. Not only is our location 125 feet beneath the Midwest prairie, it’s also fortified by a natural limestone bunker three times stronger than concrete. But seamless protection doesn’t end at our walls. We also use the most high-tech security systems available to keep even the most intelligent intruders out.

A subterranean site affords a level of security, stability and flexibility that our ground-level competitors simply can’t compete with.

Key data center location features

  • Limestone structure 3x stronger than concrete
  • Physically protected from natural and deliberate disasters
  • Located above the 500-year flood plain
  • HVAC and environmental expenses are nearly half
  • 68° consistent ambient temperature
  • Controlled heat dispersion
  • 160,000+ sq. ft. of completed space, with the ability to add up to 700,000 sq. ft., provides plenty of room for expansion
  • Fast build-out times without the hindrances of weather dependency
  • Concealed site with restricted access takes security to an entirely different tier
  • Kansas City is one of the nation’s TOP TWO major data center markets in the U.S. for affordability, as cited by a recent Boyd Company study

See it for yourself. Schedule a tour of our secure data center or contact us today to learn more.