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On- and off-site support from our IT Team Support Services

The Cavern Technologies data center support team allows you to cost-effectively expand your IT resources. With our IT team services, a dedicated on-site engineer or team of engineers will be assigned to assist with your system and data center needs, helping your staff whether it’s on- or off-site. We’re committed to transparent operational excellence. Cavern customers have full access to our support equipment and facilities management data to keep them informed on capacity and performance.

Helping Hands

Professional on-site IT technical support and concierge services for when you need an extra set of hands on-site at your data center. Some charges may apply.

Technical Support Services

  • Circuit Testing and Diagnostics
    • Light readings for fiber optics
    • Signal verification for copper and coaxial
    • Patch cord and media testing
  • Device Management
    • Plugging in serial cables
    • Verifying device physical status
    • Swapping equipment (hard drives, network cards, etc.)
    • Power cycling servers
  • Cabling
    • Cross connect extensions/terminations
    • Labeling services
  • Media Management
    • Swapping tapes and storage media
    • Swapping of removable media (CDs, DVDs, USB, etc.)
  • Advanced Circuit Migrations
    • Assist with coordination of circuit migrations for carriers and ISPs

Concierge Services

  • Shipping and Receiving
    • Labeling of boxes and equipment for shipping
    • Inventorying boxes and equipment
    • Receipt of deliveries
    • Delivery unpacking (large server cabinets, etc.)
    • Secure storage accessibility
  • Physical Labor and On-Site Assistance
    • Remote or visual verification for troubleshooting
    • Discarding of boxes or items
  • Escorted Access
    • Escorting vendors or consultants during business hours
    • Escorting customer personnel to and from Data Suites during business hours

Additional Services

  • Data Center Cleaning
    • Professional, specialized cleaning for high-risk areas and sensitive equipment.
    • HEPA vacuuming
    • Exterior wipe down of cabinets and accessible work surfaces


NOC Services

Cavern’s extensive Network Operations Center (NOC) services allow you 24x7x365 access to monitoring and network support. With the ability to receive alerts via email, SMS and text on set thresholds or events, you are always in touch and up-to-date with your network’s status.
  • Bandwidth monitoring and accounting
  • Traffic sampling and analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Internet service monitoring
  • Security monitoring and assessment
  • System and hardware monitoring


Operational Data Center Support Tools

  • Building management system
  • Access control system
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Web-based customer portal

Cavern excels at data center support. See for yourself by scheduling a tour or contact us today.