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Is your IT infrastructure ready for Black Friday and beyond?

Strategic IT infrastructure planning helps minimize risk for your enterprise.

In today’s world, maintaining IT uptime for your business is crucial. While this is a given for e-commerce companies, it’s a necessity for most industries, including financial, healthcare, technology, legal and logistics. Your users expect your business to be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reality may not be so cut and dry. At our latest industry conference, the average dollar cost of downtime across industries was reported to be $206 PER SECOND! That translates into a crippling $741,000 PER HOUR. While the average cost for some industries may be lower, some are significantly higher. And that only takes into account the measurable impacts of downtime and doesn’t include immeasurable damage to your company’s reputation, hits to your stock price and everlasting impact to your brand.

One way many companies strategically mitigate their downtime risk is by replicating their technology environments. Many are even replicating their environments multiple times, knowing that the opportunity cost of downtime can be in the millions of dollars if the business is not operational for even an hour or two.

When you’re going through your evaluation of your backup sites, there are a few primary factors you should consider. Here is a quick list of key factors as you evaluate your backup data center solution.

Key factors as you evaluate your backup data center

  • Distance from primary and secondary sites
  • Internet and cloud connectivity options
  • Health and age of the power grid
  • Cost of power
  • Tax and property incentives
  • Critical facility design and support

We will dive into each of these in the coming days.

Ready to review your uptime strategy? We’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your options and how Cavern fits onto your overall IT strategy.

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