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COVID-19 emerging enterprise data center trends

Data center trends to help you plan

COVID-19 has created new trends in enterprise data centers. As we operate through the throes of the pandemic, we’re seeing strategic shifts as enterprises adapt to the new “business normal” while they plan for operations in a post-COVID world. If you’re a CIO, CTO or lead an IT team, here are some of our observations to help you prepare.

Trend: Reducing costs

CIOs are feeling pressure to do their part in reducing overhead. Companies, particularly those hit hard by COVID-19 closures — especially in industries like entertainment, travel, hospitality and retail — are reevaluating their physical footprint, renegotiating leases and consolidating office space to reduce overhead. IT departments are not immune. CIOs are exploring ways to efficiently off-site their data centers to recoup valuable real estate. Their goal is to save money while engaging data center industry experts to help them maintain (or surpass) the level of service their enterprise expects.

Trend: Reassessing business continuity

At the same time, CIOs are shoring up their business continuity plans. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed physical restrictions on movement and staffing limitations that many hadn’t anticipated or prepared for. Their internal data centers suddenly became quarantined in facilities that were shuttered. Staff was reduced with only a few days’ notice and employees were no longer allowed on-site. Leaders were faced with hard decisions about how to maintain their IT infrastructure in a time of increased use while managing who was available and willing to perform essential tasks.

In response, CIOs are searching for ways to minimize the risk to their teams while simultaneously reducing the risk to their business. They’re searching for a data center partner they can depend on. They unequivocally need a reliable team that will always be “on” and available to work on their behalf. They want the flexibility to be able to manage non-infrastructure issues remotely from anywhere in the world as well as full visibility into their data center operations and complete transparency from their partners. And they need 24/7/365 availability to help them manage their essential infrastructure.

Trend: Extending bandwidth

Many CIOs are preparing for a post-COVID world. Most tech leaders expect employees to continue to work remotely, even after the pandemic subsides. Businesses are investing in increasing bandwidth to support ongoing telework, even in compute-intensive industries like engineering and architecture. Paired with a reduced corporate footprint, the shift makes financial sense for both businesses and staff.

Trend: Added connectivity for future flexibility

CIOs are utilizing hybrid-cloud connectivity to diversify and help them maintain business continuity. We’ve seen a data center trend in colocation clients extending workloads to the cloud so they can manage them remotely. Some have added Megaport connectivity as a way to back up their data in the cloud in case they have to make a quick move if circumstances necessitate. The flexibility of a hybrid-IT infrastructure has become a key driver of data center expansion.

Trend: Data center focus

As data centers have been a critical lifeline for many businesses during the pandemic, we’ve seen C-level executives and boards showing a much greater interest in their data center management, maintenance and performance. Leading indicators show CIOs are making investments to extend their data centers by adding storage and compute capabilities within their facility. We’re also seeing clients expand space to quickly integrate new equipment as well as an increased need for power.

IT teams are preparing for an intensive review of their data center and business continuity efforts in the next quarter. They’re identifying weaknesses and making intensive efforts to improve availability. CIOs are analyzing their team’s efforts and strategically planning for the future while collecting data in preparation to answer the questions:

  • Were we ready for the COVID-19 shutdown?
  • What have we learned from the challenges our business and IT team faced?
  • What are we doing right?
  • How should we have approached our continuity strategy differently?
  • Will we be prepared next time?

Trend: CIOs are looking for a proven partner

In this changing time, you can count on Cavern being constant.

At Cavern Technologies, our team is dedicated to helping you fulfill your data center initiatives. We can guide you through the transition to an off-site data center or the addition of cloud connectivity while managing your budget and improving your business’ continuity. We also can help you navigate through strategic shifts as your business needs to adjust. We pride ourselves on very short cycle times, which means we can help you quickly implementing expedient, efficient change. Our team of professionals is available to support you and provide you the essential functions your enterprise requires. And our Helping Hands support is an extra hand when you need it — available anytime, and most times for free. You’ll find our best-in-class tools provide you ultimate transparency so you can feel confident about the functioning and performance of your data center at Cavern.

We want you to know, you can rely on Cavern’s strengths when everything around you is changing. We’re available 24/7 — just reach out to us through our customer service email or call 913.227.0660 and we respond quickly. We’re here for you.

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Have questions about how you can improve business continuity, reduce costs and plan for the future of your data center? We’re here to help.


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