Top 6 reasons to choose Kansas City for your data center.


Kansas City


Kansas City: Home of barbecue, jazz and … your next data center? Kansas City’s known for a lot of things, but perhaps not for its unique qualifications as a top location for data storage — until now.

What makes Kansas City such a perfect spot for secure, convenient data storage?

  1. Location: Kansas City’s Midwestern setting means it’s unlikely to be a target for disruption while being drivable from other major metropolitan areas if youneed to visit your data facility. Contrary to what The Wizard of Oz would have you believe, Kansas City is not often struck by tornadoes and is at very low risk for earthquakes, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
  2. Networking capabilities: Not only was Kansas City Google’s choice for its first fiber network, but the area bursts with the telecom likes of AT&T and Sprint. As a hub for both long-haul and transcontinental fiber networks, Kansas City offers a highly advanced telecommunications environment.
  3. Energy: You can’t run a data center without power, and Kansas City’s KCP&L consistently ranks for uninterrupted service, offered at a low cost. It generates its energy locally with coal, wind and nuclear facilities, reducing the risk of blackouts, which increases with the distance from an energy source.
  4. Workforce: Kansas City boasts one of the nation’s fastest-growing tech talent pools, gaining 39 percent between 2011 and 2016. That means if you need onsite personnel, the metro has a talented pool to choose from. The KC Tech Council’s just-released 2018 report touts that Kansas City ranks second in metro areas for women in tech and that the tech sector accounts for 9.2 percent of Kansas CIty’s economy.
  5. Tax benefits: Whether you find your data center home on the Kansas or Missouri side of the state line, you’ll find tax breaks that benefit your bottom line. You won’t get dinged for property tax on new equipment in Kansas, for instance, which can amount to significant savings as you build out your data center.
  6. Limestone caves: While you’re evaluating sites, consider what might be right beneath your feet. Kansas City’s limestone caves, left behind after mining and development decades ago, have turned out to be a strong, safe place for storage of sensitive data. The area’s large deposits of limestone are three times stronger than concrete, creating a naturally secure structure for your company’s servers. They’re also naturally cool and concealed from disaster.

Kansas City has a lot to offer any company in need of a secure, affordable space for its data center. From a solid tech workforce to low operating costs to its central location, the Kansas City area is ideally suited to protect your company’s invaluable data. For more on how we help companies like yours, read our latest case study. To see our data center located in KC, take a tour or a virtual one – see it for yourself.


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