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How critical is design flexibility in your data center facility for both your business and IT teams?

Data center design flexibility

Many of today’s compliance and regulatory standards have led to a very rigid structure when it comes to the data center colocation industry. On top of that, private equity entering the market has placed intense pressure on maximizing per-square-foot margins during a notoriously competitive real estate market.

While location, connectivity, power availability, security and resiliency are at the forefront of most colocation data center strategic discussions, design flexibility is emerging as a game changer and potential competitive advantage for your organization. Considering that today’s technology landscape is drastically different than it was even three years ago (and we’re now counting decades in dog years), we’re poised for large shifts in colocation design best practices. Virtualization — along with various cloud and SAAS solutions that have entered the marketplace — have provided businesses the ability to significantly consolidate their IT footprint and optimize their network’s capability.

Here are key design flexibility considerations for your data center strategy:

  • How can I customize our data center space within a colocation?
  • Do I have access to cloud connectivity options if we want to move workloads or test cloud solutions in the future?
  • Do I have security requirements within the four walls where we operate our technology?
  • Do we have a requirement to consider only non-shared data center infrastructure?
  • Do I require additional physical security not typically found in a colocation facility?

While a majority of colocation providers have an extremely rigid deployment in the multi-tenant space of their data center, cutting edge data centers are now enabling you to have a much more nuanced, customizable and tailored approach to your data center build.

Looking for a data center with flexible design and cloud connectivity options? We’re here to help.

Contact us to discuss your options and how Cavern can help you execute your data center buildout strategy.


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