Data center cooling strategies to watch.

With data growing at an almost unimaginable rate, the importance of data centers grows right along with it. Domo estimates that by 2020, 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth. With people and businesses creating that much information, your data center needs to be able to keep up.

Picking the right data center for the job means finding one that makes proper cooling a priority. Efficient cooling is vital to a data center’s performance and cost control: For every one degree of temperature rise, cooling costs can be cut 2 percent, according to Data Center Knowledge. If your data center overheats and goes down, costs can skyrocket — almost $9,000 per minute in equipment damage, lost productivity, and detection and repair time.

With so much at stake, it makes sense to stay cool with these three strategies:

Rack arrangement

While today’s servers and equipment are more efficient than those of the past, thoughtful arrangement of racks or cabinets can make a big difference in cooling costs. Hot aisle and cold aisle containment strategies are common, but data center floor plans are starting to allow for variable configurations. When you select a data center, ensure it offers not only the capacity to expand in the future but the flexibility to reconfigure your layout as your technologies change.

Direct expansion cooling

Like the cooling systems in most homes, direct expansion (DX) cooling uses refrigerant to cool air that is then passed to your data center through supply lines. Unlike water-cooled systems, which are falling out of favor because of the increasing scarcity of water, DX cooling keeps costs down and is more scalable than other methods. However, no matter what cooling method a data center you’re considering uses, ensure proper redundancy is in place.

Underground facilities

In a data center, typically 40 percent of energy costs go to cooling. Underground facilities are naturally cool (among other benefits). Cavern Technologies’ subterranean data center maintains an ambient temperature of about 68 degrees thanks to dense limestone, cutting cooling costs 20-30 percent. If an underground facility also keeps its cooling systems underground and protected from weather and disaster, you can be further assured that your systems will be safe from an unplanned outage due to temperature.

Ever-expanding data means you need to keep an ever-watchful eye on costs today and for the future. Cooling is one expense that’s easy to control if you plan ahead and make efficient use of space and location. The experts at Cavern Technologies are happy to give you a tour of our underground facility and discuss our cooling strategy — just give us a call! Not in Kansas City? Take a virtual tour!


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