VIDEO: Data center backup power generator testing - Cavern Technologies

VIDEO: Data center backup power monthly generator testing

Monthly diesel generator testing

Providing reliable power for your data center is a top priority at Cavern. All of our concurrently maintainable redundant units are protected in our underground facility from environmental threats.

Our team performs data center backup power assessments monthly. Backup generator testing ensures our diesel generators provide quick response in the event of a power interruption.

Mackenzie Perry snagged a video of one of our team during the start-up process this month.


“All right. Getting ready for the monthly generator test. We’ve got Mike in back here. We go one by one, every month, we get these up and running. Fuel pumping. Fluids going. Wait for this bad boy to kick on. [beeping] Here we go. [diesel engine starting] See how fast that spins up?”

See more details on the advantages of Cavern’s strategic power strategy.

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