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Cloud on-ramp solutions help enterprises overcome COVID-19 tech challenges (updated)

Add flexibility through cloud on-ramp solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown unprecedented operational challenges at enterprises across the globe. Business service planning has become dramatically more complex for IT teams as we approach 2021. Spikes in traffic patterns due to rapid shifts to and from remote work and widespread adoption of e-commerce shopping are likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

If you’re looking for a solution to augment capacity in a way that makes your business more agile, that is easy to implement, fast, flexible and (of course) reliable, Cavern’s cloud on-ramp solution powered by Megaport may be a great fit. Our partnership with Megaport gives you a fast, secure, direct connection to a large ecosystem of the top managed and network service providers like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, IBM, Alibaba and more. This dynamic connectivity solution enables Cavern customers to connect with service providers across hundreds of data center locations around the globe.

Cloud on-ramp use cases

We’ve collected some recent use cases for how Megaport’s SDN network has played a part in enterprise problem solving during the coronavirus pandemic.

Examples of how companies have recently utilized Megaport cloud on-ramp solutions
  • Increased network capacity to cloud resources for conference or video calls — such as RingCentral
  • New back-up and redundancy connections to cloud storage for remote workers with more dependency on hosted tools — such as Service Now or Office 365
  • Automated switching backbone resources to manage changes in capacity planning, using MCR
  • Top-up or alternative capacity for remote staff to access hosted compute or centralized services, and
  • More links or bandwidth to VOIP hosted services.

Another key advantage in the unpredictable age of coronavirus — Megaport is capable of very fast turn-up and is under your complete control, to flex capacity when your business needs it most. And, you only pay for the bandwidth you use.

We continue to explore ways to help you manage your data center throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Follow our blog and follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Contact us if you’re interested in more info about this flexible cloud on-ramp solution. We’re here to help.


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