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Top cloud on-ramp benefits cited by our clients

Cloud on-ramp benefits: secure, direct cloud connectivity for your colocation

Through our partnership with Megaport, Cavern Technologies makes it easy to quickly implement secure, direct connectivity to leading service providers on the public and private cloud, like Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Our cloud on-ramp infrastructure provides you instant access to a marketplace of more than 300 cloud and SaaS platforms and connectivity to more than 600 data centers across the globe.

What cloud on-ramp mean for your business

  • Optimized performance of cloud-based applications
  • Less latency, especially compared to a VPN on the public internet
  • Increased predictability for critical workloads
  • Easy migration

Top cloud on-ramp benefits reported by our clients

These are some of the top cloud on-ramp benefits our clients using Megaport have reported as the most impressive.

  • Cloud on-ramp through Megaport is fast to implement
    Implementation moves quickly. No ISP is required, and no point-to-point circuit is needed. The team at Cavern simply adds a Megaport cross-connect directly to your suite or rack. Once connected, the network will provision within a minute. (No long setup times!) You simply log into the portal to get started.
  • It has very flexible terms
    You only pay for what you use. Megaport’s flexible terms mean you’re billed monthly based on the bandwidth you consumed. (No long-term contracts!) We’ve seen some clients utilize their cloud on-ramp to make redundancy more efficient. Because they are only paying for the capacity they need when they need it, and not fixed capacity that remains unused part of the week, Megaport has facilitated a very cost-effective solution for their businesses.
  • It provides faster, more nimble scalability than VPN hardware
    Because you’re not constrained by capacity, you’re free to scale up and down to right-size bandwidth to your business needs. You can quickly add services on demand when there’s a necessity, potentially increasing your speed to market. Plus, your IT team is freed from purchasing and maintaining expensive VPN hardware.
  • Cloud on-ramp facilitates sampling of the real-life experience
    Looking at AWS, but not sure it is the right solution? Want to see how Microsoft Azure performs? Multiple clients have utilized Megaport’s cloud on-ramp technology to sample cloud environments before they make a long-term commitment. Megaport gives you a fast, live production environment to compare and test what works best for your enterprise. And, you can test for as long as you want.
  • It is not costly to get started
    To get started, there will be a one-time fee for Cavern to build a cross-connection to your rack or suite. (We don’t charge a monthly fee to maintain the cross-connect!) Megaport has no setup fee. Your contract is month-to-month and you pay just for what you’ve used. This makes it low risk to try.

Check out more about Cavern’s cloud on-ramp benefits and options.

Curious about how cloud on-ramp can propel your business? Contact us for a private consultation. We’re here to help.


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