Cavern + LightEdge FAQ - Cavern Technologies

With the exciting announcement of LightEdge’s acquisition of Cavern, we anticipate that many of you may have questions. While there will be no difference in your day-to-day operations at Cavern, we want to take some time to address some key questions.

What prompted this transaction?

The Cavern management team recognized the shift in IT requirements that reflects the demands of our new hybrid-IT world. We chose to merge with LightEdge so we could enhance our offering and expediently meet our clients’ needs. You may have heard in the news that LightEdge was recently acquired by GI Partners. GI is a leading U.S.-based private equity and real estate fund manager. Through a chain of acquisitions including both LightEdge and Cavern, we’re part of a hybrid cloud and colocation “Platform Company” poised for robust expansion.

Will this acquisition impact my data center?

We can assure you that Cavern’s level of care and commitment to excellence will remain unchanged. This acquisition will have no impact on your day-to-day operations at Cavern. Within our new platform, we have the opportunity to better assist our clients in meeting their technology demands. We are excited to provide your team access to the enterprise cloud product portfolio and services that LightEdge brings to the table as well as seven regional data centers.

What can I expect moving forward?

You can count on the assistance of Cavern’s dedicated team of support and IT professionals. We remain fully committed to helping you accomplish your mission-critical priorities. You can expect to see faces from the Cavern team throughout the merged organization. John Clune, Cavern’s CEO, will be assisting LightEdge’s Jim Masterson as Jim moves forward as CEO. As part of the LightEdge platform, we expect to innovate, grow and scale ― from new markets to new services. As we expand, we’ll be introducing you to subject matter experts who can provide you new options to help your enterprise meet its technology demands both today and in the future.