A High Fiber Internet Diet

By: Kevin Fleming (with help from Alex Harkleroad)
Kansas City is abuzz with excitement about Google Fiber picking our town for the launch of their consumer high speed internet fiber network. Just the promise of the internet’s version of the autobahn, brought enterprising entrepreneurs to the region to form nascent start up communities (see Kansas City Start Up Village).
Google Fiber Rabbit
These companies are trying to harness this infinitely fast stallion, put a saddle on it and ride it to the future. As the Alice in Wonderland rabbit that adorns the cute Google install vehicles hopped into my neighborhood this week (rendering the telephone and cable lines that crisscross my backyard obsolete), I asked our resident internet genius, Alex Harkleroad, what it all means for the future as enterprise speed and capacity will now be available to Joe and Linda Everybody.

No Speed Limits “If dial-up from a phone line was a horse and buggy, then cable was probably a shared bus that can ride in the HOV lane, with Google fiber it’s like having your own perfectly paved road and a brand new Ferrari,” explains Alex in terms the marketing guy can understand.

Capacity for Growth “For the first time households will enjoy gigabit type capacity. To put it in perspective, most DSL lines promise about 6mb, and my cable line at home is in the 12-20mb range. Now consumers will be able to achieve 1,000mb speeds, and it is a dedicated line,” explain Harkleroad.

Crystal Ball “Since Netfilx and other video services currently use about half of the bandwidth on the internet they will be the first beneficiaries of this increased speed and capacity. HD videos will be the standard instead of the exception and buffering will be a thing of the past. No telling how companies will utilize Google fiber to impact humanity, one thing for sure is that the future will be faster and clearer than ever and data will be created and delivered at amazing speeds.”

Austin Texas is next on Google’s list of Metropolitan areas that will have enterprise type internet feeds coming into homes. Giddy-up, Texas.

Kevin Fleming is Cavern’s VP of Business Development. Beyond his role in getting the word out for Cavern Technologies, he is also the proud father of 3 kiddos 5 and under. Coffee is his friend.

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